Tribute – Zinn

When I first dove into the world of fine art figure work Zinn was one of the first models I worked with. She put her trust in a newbie and I am grateful for that.  I was truly impressed with her abilities and commitment to the art of figure photography.  Every detail was and still is important to her. She works hard at her craft and it is clearly evident in the results. We’ve collaborated countless times since that first session and every time she’s brought her best and always full of positive energy. The images are in chronological order from that first session in 2007 to the most recent which was this year.


Carrie – Recent Work

Erica Jay – Recent Work

One of my favorites from a recent shoot with Erica Jay.


Naked in New Hope – 2016

I’m honored and excited that two of my images were selected for inclusion in this year’s Naked in New Hope Exhibition at Sidetracks Art in New Hope, PA. The exhibit opens on September 10th and runs through October 30th.

Tribute – Stephanie Anne

I will never forget the first time I worked with Stephanie Anne. I was a relative newbie to the figure photography world. Her talents were like nothing I’d ever seen and I was totally blown away by the pictures we made together.  We’ve collaborated many times since that day and every experience was fantastic. Her fine art modeling abilities are astounding and equally impressive is the fact that she’s a kind beautiful person. I am blessed to have met her and had the many opportunities to create art together.

Portes et Fenêtres de Provence

I recently visited the South of France on a family vacation spending some time exploring the French Riviera and the beautiful villages and countryside that is Provence.  The food, the wine and most of all the people made this an incredibly exciting and enjoyable trip. The French were extremely friendly and and kind making the trip that much more comfortable.  This was not a photography trip but I could not resist the old buildings and architecture. Specifically the doors and windows.


Nocturnes – Juried Exhibition

I’m honored to have one of my images selected for inclusion in this exhibit at the SE Center for Photography. Juror Harold Davis, photographer, educator and author selected 35 images inspired by the darkness.

This picture was mad in October, 2013 at The Alabama Hills which are foot hills to the Eastern Sierras. Four of us drove up into the hills after dark in hopes of finding nocturnal photographic opportunities. As fate would have it, we were incredibly fortunate to discover a mostly clear sky with just enough cloud cover to add drama.  The moon was full and extremely bright.  So bright in fact that we needed no headlights while driving. We all set up our tripods and cameras and a collective WOW could be heard when we began to photograph. The moonlight was magical and lit up the landscape as if it were daytime.


Award Winner

One of my images of Zoe has won an award at the Phillips’ Mill Photographic Exhibition in New Hope, PA.  It’s always a thrill and honor to have work selected for inclusion in exhibitions and even more so when an award is won.  Props go out to my collaborator Zoe West on this image. She’s a joy to work with and a fantastic model.



Something New – Wrapped

I’ve been working on the Something New project for a little over two years and wrapped up the final shoot this past Saturday. I have mixed feelings about it but it’s time to move it to the next chapter in it’s life.  I have about 50 images to narrow down to about 20-25 and complete final edits and sequencing. The entire portfolio was shot in natural light at varying times throughout the two years so it’s a bit tricky to achieve a precise consistent color palette. Final decisions will be made using prints as computer displays vary so much that it’s largely a waste of time. Not sure what the next chapter holds, could be a book or exhibition. Depends on the final selections and me convincing people that the work is strong.

This last shoot was very special to me with deeply felt feelings and emotions.  My model is a dear friend whom I’ve not seen in a few years. Time can get away from us and many of us get busy and don’t place enough importance on staying in touch with good friends.  I’m working hard to change that.

Model credit: Nori, AKA Critter

Something New – Recent Works

About six months ago I made a serious commitment to enhancing and improving my Something New portfolio.  Much work remains around shooting, editing and sequencing for me to consider this project worthy of consideration as a cohesive body of work.

I was incredibly fortunate to have an opportunity to work with two models together, something the project has not experienced until now. Floofie and Olive came over and we went to work. The entire shoot was focused on making pictures for this portfolio. These are the first edits from the session and I feel very good about them.  More to come…..