2016 was a wonderful year for me in many ways. Two highlights stand above everything that the year offered. 

First was a trip to the South of France with some good friends.  It was something that my wife had discussed and wanted to do for a number of years.  France is a beautiful country and the French people were wonderful.  This was not a photo trip but one to enjoy the people, country, culture and of course the food and wine. Carrying a small point and shoot camera I did manage a few pictures of doors.  They were everywhere and fascinating to me.

Second was a photography workshop with Kim Weston at Wildcat Hill. Me being a student of photography and having a great appreciation for its history, visiting Wildcat Hill (the home of Edward Weston) and experiencing first hand the history of the place was overwhelming. Kim and Gina were wonderful hosts and I highly recommend their workshops.

I also continued my photographic passion in photographing the nude. I met some new collaborators and was fortunate enough to reconnect with some from the past.

 Wishing everyone much love, peace, joy and happiness for the New Year.

The Photographic Nude 2017

I’m honored and excited to have one of my images selected by juror Kim Weston for inclusion in “The Photographic Nude 2017” at LightBox Photographic Gallery in Astoria, OR.  The accepted images will also be published in Blur Magazine.

Model credit: DeSalle



BethMG Recent Work

I’m always striving to create original work which is challenging and difficult in today’s world. It’s easy to make pictures similar to what I’ve done in the past.  One of the practices I employ is experimentation.  I’ll go into a shoot with a few vague ideas and concepts, throw out all rules and be open to wherever my experience, inspiration and intuition takes me. Call it an exploration and discovery adventure with the hopes of digging deeper into my creative abilities. This recent work with Beth was one on these adventures.

Image Making

A bit of insight into my image making process…..

The concept, studio set, model selection, lighting, background, effects, props, etc…. are all considerations in achieving the vision and final result. For me it’s a balance of all of this while allowing the space for collaboration between myself and the model.  The model must feel free and open to contribute.  While I don’t usually have a specific image in mind, I am focused on mood, feel, emotion and concept constantly asking myself questions as each frame is composed.  I’ll work through as many or as few poses and frames as needed until I get an image that I feel is strong.

The two images below are a good example of this process.  The first one was shot first and the second a few frames later. While I liked the first one I knew it wasn’t strong enough to make the cut. For me the first one confuses the viewer as the eye is not really sure what to focus on and begins to wander around looking for it.  I’m also uncomfortable with her face being highlighted and then hidden by her arms. The shadow line on her chest and torso is also not placed as well as it could be. With all of these issues resolved in the second image I find it much stronger. Her arms being raised framing her face and allowing it to be completely visible holds the viewer.  I don’t find my eye searching for the main subject, it’s intrinsic.

Depth and aesthetics are achieved in photography, especially something with high contrast, using highlights and shadows. Misplaced highlights and or shadows will quickly reduce the quality of the image and the viewing experience.  One of the big reasons I love studio work so much is the high level of control I have with the lighting.

Model credit: Erica Jay

Tribute – Zinn

When I first dove into the world of fine art figure work Zinn was one of the first models I worked with. She put her trust in a newbie and I am grateful for that.  I was truly impressed with her abilities and commitment to the art of figure photography.  Every detail was and still is important to her. She works hard at her craft and it is clearly evident in the results. We’ve collaborated countless times since that first session and every time she’s brought her best and always full of positive energy. The images are in chronological order from that first session in 2007 to the most recent which was this year.


Carrie – Recent Work

Erica Jay – Recent Work

One of my favorites from a recent shoot with Erica Jay.


Naked in New Hope – 2016

I’m honored and excited that two of my images were selected for inclusion in this year’s Naked in New Hope Exhibition at Sidetracks Art in New Hope, PA. The exhibit opens on September 10th and runs through October 30th.

Tribute – Stephanie Anne

I will never forget the first time I worked with Stephanie Anne. I was a relative newbie to the figure photography world. Her talents were like nothing I’d ever seen and I was totally blown away by the pictures we made together.  We’ve collaborated many times since that day and every experience was fantastic. Her fine art modeling abilities are astounding and equally impressive is the fact that she’s a kind beautiful person. I am blessed to have met her and had the many opportunities to create art together.

Portes et Fenêtres de Provence

I recently visited the South of France on a family vacation spending some time exploring the French Riviera and the beautiful villages and countryside that is Provence.  The food, the wine and most of all the people made this an incredibly exciting and enjoyable trip. The French were extremely friendly and and kind making the trip that much more comfortable.  This was not a photography trip but I could not resist the old buildings and architecture. Specifically the doors and windows.