Bits and Pieces – Morning Light

The first Bits and Pieces contributions for this new year.


Morning Light #1


Morning Light #2


Morning Light #3


The Contemporary Nude – Juried Exhibit

I’m thrilled and honored to have three of my pieces selected for inclusion in this exhibit at The SE Center for Photography. The juror for this exhibit is Bernard Gerson of Galerie BMG in Woodstock, NY.






Venus diMilo


I’ve visited many places this past year and made a lot of photographs.  It’s been a fantastic year for me in many ways.  Strong powerful images that speak loudly to me are what I’m constantly striving to make.  My standards are high and there are very few that make the cut.  This image made the cut without hesitation and I consider it to be one of my strongest. It made the cut in a juried exhibit and was in fact the juror’s choice for the show.

Wishing everyone much love, peace, joy and happiness for this new year.


Release Me ©2015 William Earle

Three Generations

The camera on the right (Canon) belonged to my Father and was used by him while serving in the Army in Korea.  The camera in the middle (Paxette) belonged to my grandfather and I have no clue what he used it for.  And of course the camera on the left (Hasselblad) belongs to me.



Random Stuff

Not much to say other than at times I enjoy shooting totally random stuff that grabs me attention.

GreenvilleSC2015-209-Edit GreenvilleSC2015-220-Edit

For Sale – Pelican 1560 Case

This is a great case in excellent condition set up for photography gear.  I’m selling it simply because I don’t use it anymore.

Pick up only in West Chester, PA email me if interested.

Price: $125.00

  • Exterior dimensions: 22.1 x 17.9 x 10.4″ (56.0 x 45.5 x 26.5 cm)
  • Interior dimensions: 19.9 x 15.0 x 9.0″ (50.6 x 38.0 x 22.9 cm)
  • Interior fitting: 15-piece padded and flexible ballistic nylon divider set
  • Built in wheels and a slide out handle



Having a Voice

Most photographers and artists find themselves constantly asking why they do what they do and does it really have any purpose or meaning. I spent quite a few years making photographs with a strong belief that I had a vision and something to offer but never convinced that I really had anything at all.  After countless hours of study, practice and making photographs I grew more comfortable with what I was doing but the doubts were always present.  I suppose these doubts are a key contributor to what pushed me to continue and kept me from giving up. I kept telling myself that I was making art for myself and what others thought about it did not matter to me.  I was lying to myself, other’s opinions did matter.   I can honestly say that I have grown out of this and did in fact stick to my beliefs and vision making the photographs that I wanted to make.  Suffering the many highs and lows that any artistic endevour will surly experience, I stayed true to myself. My work may or may not have a wide audience, may or may not be appreciated but I do not allow this to influence my work.  Experience has taught me that ones art will in fact be stronger if they believe in themselves and pursue their vision.

I certainly don’t like or appreciate every image I make. In fact I like very few of them.  If I end up with ten or twelve photographs a year that I can honestly say have a voice that speaks to me, I’m thrilled. I spent a few hours this morning combing through my image library selecting images for submittal to an upcoming juried exhibit.  I wanted my selections to be strong and on point with the theme of the exhibit.  I started with fifty one images spanning eight years and narrowed it down to ten which was a difficult task.  Yeah, do the math, this is less than seven images per year and this exhibit is for figure work, my primary focus over these past eight years.

Do I believe these images will make the cut?  I have no idea if they will but they speak the loudest to me and have deep meaning to me, which, at the end of the day is what’s important to me. I receive many more rejections then acceptances to juried exhibits but that will not deter me from submitting. I won’t bore you with all of the details but every one of these images has a back story which is one of the things that makes them so special to me and why I chose them.

I would be remiss if I neglected to acknowledge my collaborators.  Without their artistry these images would not exist.

Brooke and Lela RaeCandace NirvanaDeSalleJazmine Keira GrantRhusStephanie AnneTendu Venus deMiloYarrow

Owens Valley

On our last trip to the Eastern Sierras in Lone Pine, CA we ventured out onto a back road in Owens Valley just North of Lone Pine.  I believe that the road has a name but I don’t remember it.  This image was shot late in the afternoon facing West looking at the Sierra Nevada mountains.


Owens Valley

Be Square – Juried Exhibit

I’m thrilled and honored to have two of my pieces selected for inclusion in this exhibit at The SE Center for Photography. The juror for Square, Christophe Dillinger, a photographer whose work is focused on experimental analogue techniques and the editor of Square magazine, a web publication dedicated to the square format.


A very simple composition using natural light from my Bits and Pieces portfolio.


One of my favorite images from my Empty Room portfolio. Model credit: Zoe West

Mt Whitney – Sunrise

Every time we visit The Alabama Hills we’re up early for sunrise. It’s a different experience every time as the light varies and if we’re lucky the clouds are out in full force adding drama to this beautiful landscape.


Mt Whitney – Sunrise


Mt Whitney Portal Road – Sunrise