Wax Infused – Hand Painted – Altered Surfaces

My adventures continue as I work more and more with the encaustic processes.  I’m still finding my way and exploring the possibilities as they relate to my work and vision.  I really like this piece, it’s always been a favorite of mine and I had a sense that the encaustic interpretation might be pretty good.  It’s a 10″ x 10″ x 1″ wood panel, poured wax, hand painted with altered surfaces.

 © 2015 William Earle

© 2015 William Earle


Minimalistic Approach

This is an image from a few years ago and was originally finished as black and white.  I’ve always liked the lines of the fabric and the model’s pose so it made the list for reinterpretation using encaustics.  As I was preparing to print it I looked at it color and it hit me that it would be much stronger in color with the wax.  Off I went brushing the wax onto the print fully intending to do some hand painting.  I set up to do the painting, stopped and looked at the image and realized that it needed nothing more than the wax.  It spoke loud enough to me with minimal treatment so I left it alone.  The wax alone enhanced the tone and lines of the image giving it a soft elegant feel.  I don’t do much color work but I’m finding that, in many cases I prefer what it offers more using the encaustic processes.


Brushed Wax – @copyright 2015 William Earle


Free Prints

I’ll be giving away five free fine art prints.  Email me if you’re interested in owning one of my images in print with the specific image you would like.  The prints will be printed by me on letter size paper and shipped to you free of charge.  Assuming I’ll receive more than five requests, names will go into the hat and be randomly chosen.  The offer is open for today, January 24, 2015 only.  To be considered I just receive your email before midnight tonight.

Wax Infused Photographs – Recent Works

As many of you know I’ve been experimenting and working with wax infused photographs.  I recently completed a fantastic workshop with Leah Macdonald.  Her work is nothing short of amazing and fantastic so please take some time and check it out.

I’ve added a new Wax Infused Photographs portfolio to my site to display these images.

I think it’s safe to say that every artist works extremely hard in hopes of creating pieces that are significant and meaningful.  The image below is such an image.  I’ve practiced and worked through dozens of experiments and failures attempting to hone my skills with this process.  While I am far from anywhere near where I hope to be some day, my hard work was rewarded with this piece.  It’s wax pour hand painted image on a 9″ x 12″ x 1/2″ wooden panel. When I sat down to work on this image after the wax pour had set up I really had no idea what I wanted to do with it.  I knew I wanted to hand pain the dress so that’s where I started.  It became apparent very quickly that this was all this needed.

In addition to Leah’s teaching a few people deserve credit for this piece.  Michael Pannier for inviting me to spend a weekend in his studio doing “arts and crafts” and the beautiful model Breanna Marie.

Breanna - Wax Infused, Hand Painted

Wax Infused, Hand Painted ©2015 william earle

Creativity and Experimentation

I find myself constantly fooling around or tinkering with different techniques all in an effort to have some fun and hopefully discover some interesting concepts.  This image is something I’ve been tinkering with for a few months now trying to get it to a point where I’m comfortable enough to share it.  Actually it’s been about six months and I’ve revisited it countless times making subtle adjustments.

Having fun and experimenting can lead to discovery and tapping deeper into one’s creativity.  The creative juices don’t always flow in abundance for me and tend to vary depending on a multitude of outside influences.  This is one reason why I like to spend time with an image.

Things are all around us that many times we simply don’t see.  This box was sitting on a table under some nice lighting and It occurred to me that it would make an interesting photograph; a study in light and geometry.  The initial lighting was much more intense than the final result.  The final image was shot as a part of my Empty Room project in soft natural light.

Model credit goes to Zinn and her infamous body sock.

Empty Room Geometry

Empty Room Geometry

A Look Back – 2009

2009 was an incredibly productive year for me and I have to thank all of those who were kind enough to collaborate with me.

AmapolaAmberBethBethBrookeBrooke and Lela RaeCandaceCandaceCandace and JessamynEvaineJazmineJazmineJessamynJessamynKatKeiraKytheraLela RaeLornaLornaMelissaMichelleNoriNori and KytheraOliviaPorscheStephanie AnneStephanie AnneStephanie AnneStephanie AnneSusieBSusieBSweet RomanceSweet RomanceSweet RomanceTanyaTenduTenduYarrowZinnZinn


This past weekend I was introduced to the process and methods of enhancing one’s photos with encaustic.  It’s really a different way to interpret and present one’s work.  For those of you unfamiliar with encaustic, it involves wax and pigments.  I attended a workshop with Leah Macdonald who is an incredible photographer and encaustic artist.  I would encourage you to take some time and check out her work.  The piece shown here is 8″x10″ and one I made at the workshop.  It’s an inkjet print glued to a 1/2″ plywood substrate with a hot wax pour and painted with oils.  The scan does a good job at showing the painting but what’s missing are all of the wonderful textures created by manipulating the wax.  Each piece is truly unique and I’m excited about doing more work using my new found knowledge.



Studio Lighting the Nude – A Workshop

Back for the third year !!!

Working with two outstanding figure models, a small gathering of photographers will explore a variety of lighting sets and the merits of each. Lighting techniques will be demonstrated in conjunction with finished images and each photographer will have opportunities to work with these sets as well as incorporating some of there own ideas. Each photographer will have plenty of one on one shooting time with each model. To maximize shooting time there will be two sets in the studio running simultaneously. Bill will provide hands on training in the use of studio equipment, directing the model, and realizing the vision.

Featuring two outstanding figure models.  Zoe West (MM 1089400) and Breanna Marie (MM 3239546)

For additional details and registration please click here M Pannier Workshops.

Breanna Marie

Breanna Marie

Zoe West

Zoe West

A Look Back – 2008

Things really started to ramp up for me in 2008.  I met and collaborated with some fantastic people.

Stephane AnneStephane AnneStephane AnneStephane AnneStephane AnneStephane AnneStephane AnneStephane AnneBeth CaldwellLela RaeRaelSarahStephane AnneOexhisTGloriaYarrowOexhisCarlyYarrowYarrowCandaceCandaceCandaceRebeccaEvaineOexhisCarlyLela RaeNikki SebastianRaelSarahYarrow

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