My photographic journeys and all of the people, processes and details associated with it are incredibly important to me and a critical part of my life.  This past weekend I was fortunate enough to attend the AIPAD show in NYC. That’s the Association of International Photography Art Dealers.  The best of the best all gathered in one large location.  Granted it was a bit overwhelming visually to see so much work from those that have come before us as well as contemporary photographers, however I would do it again and highly recommend it for anyone serious about photography.

I woke up Saturday morning preparing for brunch with friends and found out that a very special person was going to be at the show doing a book signing for her latest book.  I studied with Cig Harvey some twelve years ago when I began getting serious about my photography.  I had always loved photography and making pictures but decided, after my daughter was grown to get serious and see where it would take me.  Cig is responsible for establishing a foundation for me that is incredibly strong, has and continues to serve me well.  I’m still learning from that week spent with Cig twelve years ago.  To see her again and have a brief chat was the highlight of the trip.  Please spend a few minutes and have a look at Cig’s work and learn more about her approach and how she works, you’ll not be disappointed.

With the many images swirling through my head, things began to clear and move into a sharp perspective.  As a photographer and artist I’m always questioning my work, why I do it and what it means.  In today’s Internet, Social Media society we’re constantly bombarded with information, images, stories, opinions and general nonsense that can have a serious effect on us and even cause a shift in our beliefs, perspective and work as artists. This show filtered out all of the extraneous distractions, cleared my head and provided me with much peace and comfort in my own work.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t experience joy and excitement when others enjoy and accept my work, however  the most important person to satisfy is me.  I respect the opinions of everyone and will listen to all of them; however I think it’s important to share your work with people whom you respect and who will provide honest critique and feedback.  There’s no benefit and opportunity for improvement if all we hear is that our work is great.  All of my work is not great, far from it actually.  If I make the work for the reasons that are important to me and the work expresses my vision, then I’m content and satisfied. One of the things that Cig taught me is that photography will take through cycles.  It will humble you one day and reward you on another.

I’ve been in a cycle of scrutinizing the work I’ve been doing recently and seriously questioning whether or not I should continue doing it.  The perspective shift that I experienced as a result of visiting the show and experiencing all of the photography is moving me into a different cycle.  With the clarity, I’ve rolled back through some recent work and smiled when it became clear that I am making my work and my vision is finding its way to the surface.

DeSalle – Recent Works

Exploring light, shadow and deep contrast.  Please take a few moments and look at more of DeSalle’s work here.


DeSalleApril2015-300-Edit DeSalleApril2015-327-Edit DeSalleApril2015-330-Edit DeSalleApril2015-331-Edit DeSalleApril2015-332-Edit

Inna B-G Recent Works

Exploring form and shape from a different perspective.


Iceland – Recent Works

On Wednesday morning our journey took us to Jökulsárlón – Glacier Lagoon. It was a beautiful bright sunny morning, perfect for photographing at this location.  This particular lagoon drains directly into the ocean and magical things happen.  The black sand beach is strewn with beautiful ice cubes in a variety of sizes from very small to very large.  The textures and shapes lit by the morning sun are dazzling.  These images were all shot on this beach that morning.


Photographing the Nude – Indoors and Out

Join Bill Earle and Michael Pannier for this very special event. Working with two outstanding figure models, a small gathering of photographers will explore both indoor studio lighting and outdoor natural light. Each photographer will have opportunities to work one on one with each model both indoors and out. This event will take place at the spacious Frog Hollow Studio in Newtown Square, PA. The event is limited to a maximum of six photographers. Each photographer will receive individualized instruction from both Bill and Michael.

Frog Hollow offers unique opportunities with indoor studio sets and lighting and a variety of outdoor settings.

Our models for this workshop Zinn Star, MM# 407611, and Breanna Marie, MM# 3239546, two fabulous young women that will be a welcome addition to any portfolio.

As of April 3, 2015 only one spot remains open.


Zinn Star


Breanna Marie

Register early as this event will sell out quickly.Saturday August 8, 2015

Workshop Options

Iceland – Aurora Borealis

I was extremely fortunate to have an opportunity to spend three days in Iceland photographing this amazingly beautiful country.  We had a very full experience including rain, sleet, ice, snow, extreme wind and beautiful clear sunshine. One of our priorities was to photograph the Aurora Borealis, aka Northern Lights.  The weather in Iceland had been very cloudy, wet and rainy rendering the Aurora invisible.  Our guide was constantly following the weather and solar activity.  Yes, certain solar activity can spark the Aurora and light up the sky. Driving West in southern Iceland in search of a clear sky, things were not looking good.  Then we saw the clearing sky and continued driving.  Darkness began to descend and our guide pointed out some dull lights that were in fact the Aurora.  We found a good location and began photographing. On to a second location we went, one with more interesting landscape.


Red Studio

As most of you know Red Studio in Frederick, MD will be closing their doors very soon.  Red has been much more than a studio, it’s been a gathering place, a creative place, a fun place, an educational place, the list goes on.  I would like to take a moment and extend my sincere gratitude to Michael Pannier, the man behind Red and all that he has brought to the photographic community.  No, I don’t live in the area but have traveled there too many times to count.  Making the long drive has never been a burden as I always knew there were great things in store.

About three years ago Michael invited me to teach a workshop at Red.  I don’t think he knows how much that meant to me and how honored I was to be invited.

Over these past few years I’ve gotten to know Michael and a lot of wonderful people from the area.  Red became what it is because of Michael’s generosity, passion for art, photography and commitment to the community.  Michael is moving on to the next chapter in his life and I wish him well.

Beyond what Michael brought to Red is his image making and artistry.  His work has been and will continue to be an inspiration for me. Please spend some time enjoying his work at Michael Pannier / Fine Art Imagery.

Your Human Body is not a Crime

I’m honored to have one of my images used in this important message.  Please take a few minutes and listen to this message and visit Model Society.

Encaustics – New Work

I’m still very much a novice with encaustics but am having blast experimenting and developing my asthetic in this medium.  Model credit for this image goes to Amy Marie.


Dead Stuff

I’ve seen my share of dead stuff used in photographs, some of the animal variety, some of the plant variety and some just simply unknown.  In this case it’s of the plant variety and quite innocent.  I pulled this stuff out and Zoe’s eyes brightened as she loves fooling around with stuff like this.  Michael, the owner of Red Studio had a very different look on his face as this stuff made a mess of the studio.  It was everywhere and extremely difficult to clean up.  Once we started to shoot I knew these would make great encaustic pieces.  This is the first iteration.  Model credit goes to Zoe West.