Red Studio

As most of you know Red Studio in Frederick, MD will be closing their doors very soon.  Red has been much more than a studio, it’s been a gathering place, a creative place, a fun place, an educational place, the list goes on.  I would like to take a moment and extend my sincere gratitude to Michael Pannier, the man behind Red and all that he has brought to the photographic community.  No, I don’t live in the area but have traveled there too many times to count.  Making the long drive has never been a burden as I always knew there were great things in store.

About three years ago Michael invited me to teach a workshop at Red.  I don’t think he knows how much that meant to me and how honored I was to be invited.

Over these past few years I’ve gotten to know Michael and a lot of wonderful people from the area.  Red became what it is because of Michael’s generosity, passion for art, photography and commitment to the community.  Michael is moving on to the next chapter in his life and I wish him well.

Beyond what Michael brought to Red is his image making and artistry.  His work has been and will continue to be an inspiration for me. Please spend some time enjoying his work at Michael Pannier / Fine Art Imagery.

Your Human Body is not a Crime

I’m honored to have one of my images used in this important message.  Please take a few minutes and listen to this message and visit Model Society.

Encaustics – New Work

I’m still very much a novice with encaustics but am having blast experimenting and developing my asthetic in this medium.  Model credit for this image goes to Amy Marie.


Dead Stuff

I’ve seen my share of dead stuff used in photographs, some of the animal variety, some of the plant variety and some just simply unknown.  In this case it’s of the plant variety and quite innocent.  I pulled this stuff out and Zoe’s eyes brightened as she loves fooling around with stuff like this.  Michael, the owner of Red Studio had a very different look on his face as this stuff made a mess of the studio.  It was everywhere and extremely difficult to clean up.  Once we started to shoot I knew these would make great encaustic pieces.  This is the first iteration.  Model credit goes to Zoe West.


Light, Shadow, Form, Shape

I walked into Red Studio one day and saw this backdrop and knew I had to work with it.  I have long been a fan of light, shadow, form and shape and what can be achieved with it and the human form. Model credit goes to Zoe West.



I was incredibly fortunate to have an opportunity to collaborate with Zoe West the other day on a small project that I actually started almost a year ago.  It’s been sitting idle for quite some time so it was invigerating to get back to it.

Zoe WestZoe WestZoe West

Bits and Pieces

Revisiting this project for the first time in 2015.

I am a constant student of photography and the many wonderful things it can bring to someone’s life.  It has brought beauty, strife, learning, growth, friends, travel and many other things into my life.  Wherever I am whatever I’m doing I’m looking at things, people, places etc and the light that’s cast upon them.  Primarily the light because it’s a key piece of what will ultimately be the image and it’s message. While at home one day I started to really look at the things around me and how the light brought them to life. On the surface little things with little meaning. Go beyond the surface and the meanings grow.  So I got my camera out and started to photograph them with no real goal other than to capture what I was feeling and what these things said to me.  Sure, this has been done before but what hasn’t?  Just because it’s been done doesn’t mean you should not have a go at it.  What you do will be totally different than what someone else does.  This is one of those things that will be ongoing with no pre-determined ending.  For me this is a wonderfully fun exercise in seeing and the results can be interesting.  I put very little thought into the pictures while shooting them.  I simply shot what I saw and felt.  All natural light with no modifiers, reflectors or enhancements.  Very simple.

The Power of KindnessTextureBoldNatureLife's TasksDon't LookThe Best

Wax Infused – Hand Painted – Altered Surfaces

My adventures continue as I work more and more with the encaustic processes.  I’m still finding my way and exploring the possibilities as they relate to my work and vision.  I really like this piece, it’s always been a favorite of mine and I had a sense that the encaustic interpretation might be pretty good.  It’s a 10″ x 10″ x 1″ wood panel, poured wax, hand painted with altered surfaces.

 © 2015 William Earle

© 2015 William Earle


Minimalistic Approach

This is an image from a few years ago and was originally finished as black and white.  I’ve always liked the lines of the fabric and the model’s pose so it made the list for reinterpretation using encaustics.  As I was preparing to print it I looked at it color and it hit me that it would be much stronger in color with the wax.  Off I went brushing the wax onto the print fully intending to do some hand painting.  I set up to do the painting, stopped and looked at the image and realized that it needed nothing more than the wax.  It spoke loud enough to me with minimal treatment so I left it alone.  The wax alone enhanced the tone and lines of the image giving it a soft elegant feel.  I don’t do much color work but I’m finding that, in many cases I prefer what it offers more using the encaustic processes.


Brushed Wax – @copyright 2015 William Earle


Free Prints

I’ll be giving away five free fine art prints.  Email me if you’re interested in owning one of my images in print with the specific image you would like.  The prints will be printed by me on letter size paper and shipped to you free of charge.  Assuming I’ll receive more than five requests, names will go into the hat and be randomly chosen.  The offer is open for today, January 24, 2015 only.  To be considered I just receive your email before midnight tonight.